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11th Nov 2021

Richard Branson suffers graphic injuries after ‘colossal’ cycling crash

Charlie Herbert

Richard Branson cycling crash

The billionaire businessman feared he had broken his back after the ‘colossal’ accident

Entrepreneur Richard Branson has showed off some of the injuries he suffered after a huge crash that he was involved in while cycling.

Warning: graphic image below

In a recent blog post on his Virgin website, the business tycoon said that he feared he had broken his back or paralysed himself when his brake on his bike failed during fundraising event Strive BVI in the British Virgin Islands.

In the post, he described the accident as “colossal” and that there was no doubt wearing a helmet saved his and his fellow rider Felix Stellmaszek’s lives when they collided.

He showed off the extent of his gruesome injuries after he suffered a “colossal” cycle crash (credit: Virgin)

He wrote: “There is no question that wearing helmets saved our lives – not the first time that has been the case.

“I stayed still, hoping I hadn’t broken my back or paralysed myself. Slowly, I moved my limbs and was relieved they responded.”

The Virgin founder was apparently faced with three choices when he approached a steep corner: either dropping off a cliff, hitting a car or colliding with his fellow rider.

He shouted out “brakes not working” to Stellmaszek, before the two “crashed hard” into each other.

Branson said he had “some severe cuts and bruises on my elbow, an extraordinarily big bump on my hip and a massive hematoma on my leg,” but that it “could have been much worse.”

He finished his blog by saying that he was treating his injuries with some ice and they were starting to go down – and that Felix has also been recovering well.

Branson also praised the medical team who helped him out in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

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