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25th Feb 2022

‘Reckless’ Amish horse rider accused of drink driving after ‘a couple of beers’

Kieran Galpin


Sparks were coming off of the wheels like something from Tokyo drift

A “reckless” horse-drawn Amish buggy was driving so erratically that it was pulled over by police who heard the driver say he’d had “a couple of beers.”

Ray Byler, 20, from Sigel, Jefferson County, was pulled over by police officers who soon learned the driver had been drinking, reports WJAC-TV.


Brookville police had watched as the Amish horse and buggy were driven in a “reckless manner.” They watched as Byler sped up around a corner, locking the brakes and sliding on the wheels like something from a Fast and Furious film.

Officers pursued the buggy until Byler eventually pulled over to let the officers pass. Upon asking if Byler was okay, police officers heard slurred speech and smelled the stench of alcohol. Upon asking if he’d been drinking, Byler responded, saying he’d had “a couple of beers.”


Byler now faces a misdemeanour driving under the influence charge, as well as careless and reckless driving. While newer sects of the Amish community prohibit alcohol, more traditional groups do drink – though most of them don’t Tokyo Drift around Pennsylvania.


Byler was permitted to stay with the horse until a family member could collect it. An on-site sobriety test confirmed the young man had been drinking and he was consequently taken to hospital to have blood drawn, which he initially refused.

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