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28th Mar 2022

Prince William ‘to rip up royal rulebook’ when he’s King after Caribbean tour backlash

Kieran Galpin

Prince William

The Duke and Duchess encountered protests during their Caribbean tour

Prince William is reportedly looking “to rip up the royal rulebook” following an intense Caribbean tour that was met with protests.

Following a “tense” royal tour that saw protests in both Belize and Jamaica, a royal insider has reportedly said, “The mood in the camp is one of reflection.”

Speaking on The Lorraine Kelly ShowThe Mirror‘s Royal Editor Russell Myers dished all on the Royal vision once William becomes King.

When quizzed by Kelly regarding the fallout, Myers said: “Yes, I think the inquiry has already started. The mood in the camp is one of reflection and I think that they really need to look at what went wrong.

“There were lot of instances of success in this tour. However, the tour was marred by protest, small in numbers but mighty in voice I suppose. Whether William’s speeches on slavery went far enough, certainly campaigners didn’t think they did, in Jamaica especially.”

Meanwhile, an anonymous source has told The Sun that the Duke is planning to “rip up the rule-book and do things ‘The Cambridge Way’” when he inherits the throne.

Actor Whoopi Goldberg was among the celebrities to condemn Prince William’s speech which many noted lacked an official apology regarding his family’s part in the transatlantic slave trade.

Myers also said that “the optics of the tour weren’t great” even though William had allegedly “raised concerns” before he and Kate arrived – specifically about the decision to travel in an open-top Land Rover.

Myers added: “It really did sort of sour the note of the tour, which was otherwise successful. However, we’re in a very different world, the Black Lives Matter movement has really moved everyone’s thoughts on and focused a lot of institution’s minds.”

Kelly noted that William’s vow to shake things up is a method of survival.

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Seemingly agreeing, Myers added: “Yeah totally and it is about survival. He’s spoken about a need to change the monarchy, the monarchy has to move with the times and they are the modern faces of that monarchy.”

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