Whoopi Goldberg demands Royal family says sorry for slavery following Prince William's comments 4 months ago

Whoopi Goldberg demands Royal family says sorry for slavery following Prince William's comments

Prince William and Kate have been met with protests on their Caribbean tour

Amid Prince William and Kate Middleton's tense tour of the Caribbean, Hollywood legend Whoopi Goldberg has called for the Royal family to apologise for their ties to slavery.


Prince William and Kate have seen a difficult few days on their tour of the Caribbean. On March 23, the Duke of Cambridge expressed his "profound sorrow" over Britain's part in the transatlantic slave trade during a dinner speech in Jamaica but many pointed out that while he said it made him sad, the Duke didn't say he was sorry for the part his family played.


This was not missed by Goldberg, who, during a taping for The View this week, said: "Britain ran ram shod over India for years… Let us not forget, when we talk about what needs to happen, all the folks that need to apologise.

"Listen, this is not new. I suspect Charles, when he was in Barbados, had some idea because he went on and apologised as he was releasing the hold that Britain has.

"So perhaps somebody is listening, and it's the new group of folks – I don't know if it's Charles, William, but one of them."

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Co-host Sunny Hostin continued to explain that the US is on said list, stating that: "We built this joint for free."

Similarly, WION presenter Palki Sharma from India shared similar remarks whilst on air.

"What goes around comes around. Sometimes in the form of a frisbee, sometimes as a form of a nightmare, and sometimes as a long, long bill," she said, reports The Express. "The Queen will soon receive one, it will be from Jamaica."


She continued: "The Caribbean country is asking the Queen to cough up billions as reparations for slavery.

"Jamaica was a British colony from 1655 to 1962. The colonisers introduced sugar cane cultivation in Jamaica and to support it, Britain introduced slaves.

"People stolen from their homes and forced to work in the field."


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