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20th Nov 2023

Portugal just ran on 100% renewable energy for six days

Incredible news

Portugal has reportedly broke a record for energy production after going six days relying entirely on renewable energy.

This apparently includes everything from electrical applianes in home and work, all were running on either wind, hydro, or solar power for six days straight.

Between 4:00AM on 31 October and 9:00AM on 6 November, the nation of ten million relied on only renewable energy, as 1102 GWh was generated.

Hugo Costa, the individual who runs EDP Renewables, the country’s renewable arm of the state utility, said: “The gas plants were there, waiting to dispatch energy, should it be needed. It was not, because the wind was blowing; it was raining a lot.

“And we were producing with a positive impact to the consumers because the prices have dropped dramatically, almost to zero.”

The news comes as many nations across Europe attempt to hit the Paris Agreement’s climate goals by 2050.

When 2050 finally comes around, nations need not only run via renewable energy for six days, but all year round.

Expert Miguel Prado, who covers Portugal’s energy sector for the newspaper Expresso, said: “The key conclusion, in my opinion, is that it shows that the Portuguese grid is prepared for very high shares of renewable electricity and for its expected variation:

“We were able to manage both the sharp increase of hydro and wind production, and also the return to a lower share of renewables, when natural-gas power plants were requested again to supply some of the country’s demand.”

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