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02nd Nov 2021

Greta chants ‘you can shove your climate crisis up your arse’ at COP26 protest

Danny Jones

Greta chants 'You can shove your climate crisis up your arse'

Immersing herself in British culture, it would seem

Climate activist Greta Thunberg is continuing to make her presence at COP26 known, as she was filmed joining in with another protest near the UN’s climate conference.

The young Swede arrived in Glasgow to mobs of media and supporters this past Sunday and following the second day of talks inside the summit, decided to turn her attention to her fellow passionate protestors on the street.

As you can see in the clip, she once again blasted world leaders for empty words and “pretending to care”, declaring that this generation will accept “no more blah, blah, blah”, before turning it into a chant.

The 18-year-old admitted that she hadn’t received any kind of formal invitation to the summit, suggesting that “I think that many people might be scared that if they invite too many radical young people, then that might make them look bad.”

Getting wrapped up in the vocal Glasgow protest, she then decided to roll out a classic British chant format you’re more likely to see around football grounds this weekend. See below as Greta chants “You can shove your climate crisis up your arse”:

While some are arguing this case of a colloquial chant getting somewhat lost in translation – Brits usually deploy this chant to signal when they don’t care about something – she could also simply be telling global warming and the politicians not doing enough about it to f*ck off.

The crucial climate summit continues until Friday November 12th.

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