Greta Thunberg storms out of COP26 and blasts UN delegates for 'greenwashing' 9 months ago

Greta Thunberg storms out of COP26 and blasts UN delegates for 'greenwashing'

Greta Thunberg steals the spotlight at COP26 - again

Greta Thunberg reportedly stormed out of COP26, the global climate change conference in Glasgow, and later branded an event  "greenwashing".


UN Environmental envoy Mark Carney was hosting a panel on carbon offsetting when he said that a new green commitment from companies controlling 130 trillion US dollars would be "more than is needed" to achieve net-zero.

This didn't sit well with the Swedish-born activist who stormed out.

Greenwashing is when a company or organisation spends more time and money on trying to look planet conscious than actually doing anything to minimise its environmental impact.



Thunberg has often stolen the show at COP. At the last event, in Milan, she arrived by boat, having been at sea for 20 days, having rejected air travel because of the environmental impact. She then went on to deliver a speech that struck at the very heart of the climate crisis - the inaction of world leaders to follow through with promises.


The 18-year-old also berated world leaders at the UN General Assembly in 2019 for stealing the dreams of the world's children.

Carney was also in the room for that dressing down.


Thunberg has been a steady presence at Cop26 and has popped up across social media with fellow environmental warriors.

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Most recently, the activist was recorded getting into the Glaswegian mood, chanting, "you can shove your climate crisis up your arse".


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