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29th Oct 2021

Police issue Halloween warning over sweets laced with cannabis

Charlie Herbert

Police issue warning about Halloween sweets laced with cannabis

Police have warned parents to ‘keep an eye out’ for what their children are consuming this Halloween

A police force in England has had to issue a warning ahead of this year’s Halloween celebrations following the discovery of sweets containing cannabis.

In a post addressed to carers and parents, Greater Manchester Police Rochdale warned that the #towncentremilkstonedeeplish team had come across the sweets while out on patrol on Wednesday October 27.

Alongside a picture of the sweets in question, they point out that they appear to be aimed at young people and parents should be wary of what their children are being given and subsequently eating while they’re out trick or treating.

The Facebook post reads: “The #towncentremilkstonedeeplish Team have been out on patrol today and have come across these packages which at first appear to be sweets aimed at young people, however upon closer inspection we found that they contain cannabis.

“This could have serious consequences on any young person or child who may consume these. Please keep an eye out over Halloween to see what your children are consuming.”

FAO Parents and carers. The #towncentremilkstonedeeplish Team have been out on patrol today and have come across these…

Posted by GMP Rochdale on Wednesday, October 27, 2021

According to the website About Kids Health, children who consume cannabis may experience a range of mild to severe symptoms such as vomiting, agitation, confusion or in some more serious instances, comas or seizures.

Back in May, four children in Surrey were hospitalised after consuming sweets with cannabis in.

At the time, Detective Sergeant Lee Marks said: “These types of products, which may be marketed as ‘cannabis infused’ or ‘CBD infused’ are illegal – and therefore unregulated – in the UK.

“They can appear to be commercial products with professional packaging but this should not be taken as a sign that they are safe or legal.”

According to the Independent, two boys, aged 12 and 13 and a girl, 12, were taken to hospital after experiencing violent reactions to the sweets and were seen to vomit uncontrollably and slip in and out of consciousness.

A third boy also went to hospital but as a precautionary measure.

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