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11th Apr 2015

Pilot saves plane from crashing into sea with 7 seconds to spare

That was a close call...

Aircraft news has been nothing short of grim this past year.

So the pilot who saved a tiny island-hopping plane from crashing into the cold North Sea is nothing short of a hero.

The Loganair flight from Aberdeen to Shetland was struck by lightning in a 70mph storm and was plunging towards the sea.

But luckily the 42-year-old pilot managed to pull the aircraft up at around 1,000ft – just seconds away from hitting the water.

His actions saved the lives of 30 passengers and three crew on board.

The heroics came to light in a probe into the incident which happened last December.

I think we will still take the bus on holiday, just for a little while longer.

(H/T Daily Mail)