Piers Morgan finally tweets an actually good take we can all get behind 9 months ago

Piers Morgan finally tweets an actually good take we can all get behind

Well this is a pleasant change.

After a period in which Piers Morgan has seemed determined to voice the most controversial opinions he can possibly muster up, the ex-Good Morning Britain presenter has finally tweeted a good take.


A few weeks ago it was all 'Naomi Osaka is a brat' for refusing to speak to the media after matches. Then, throughout the Olympics, it was 'bronze and silvers are no achievement' and 'Simone Biles has let down her team-mates, her fans and the world' by focusing on her mental health.

So it really is a surprise to see the nation's number one wind-up merchant actually say something with an ounce of sympathy and thoughtfulness.

On the morning of A-level results day, the columnist tweeted: "If A level students get better grades today than they should do, then good.


"After all the crap they've had to put up with for the past 18 months during this pandemic, they deserve it."

You didn't see that coming did you?


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And he's right. Everyone has struggled over the past year and half, but there is a good argument to say that, NHS staff aside, no single group have had their everyday lives disrupted more than students.

Numerous spells learning from home. Entire classes having to self-isolate. The farce that was results day in 2020.

So for once, we'll tell you to listen to Piers Morgan before you start criticising the high grades that many students have picked up this year.

Maybe, just maybe, they've worked hard and deserve it.