Piers Morgan criticised for Naomi Osaka tweet after her Olympic ceremony role 5 months ago

Piers Morgan criticised for Naomi Osaka tweet after her Olympic ceremony role

Pier is at it again with yet another detrimental downplaying of mental health

Piers Morgan is once again facing backlash on social media after tweets he posted mocking Naomi Osaka as she lit the torch during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic ceremony.

The 23-year-old was chosen to light the torch for her home country at this year’s games after a tough year in her career, dropping out of the likes of the French Open and Wimbledon, as well as being fairly open about her mental health.

However, Morgan - who previously took aim at her form refusing to do press conferences - still couldn't keep his mouth shut. He tweeted the following after someone went fishing:


As should be expected, plenty of people rightly took immediate issue with the tweet, which clearly makes significant implications around the state of mental health and feeds into the larger 'just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not real' snag point.

Another person simply said "I think cancel culture needs to cancel Piers" - though another did add "They’ve tried and failed many a time".

Regardless, as usual, the flak didn't matter: it wasn't long before Piers posted another tweet once again twisting Osaka's previous comments as if to suggest she can never go out and do anything in public again.

No one knows why Piers seems to have targeted Osaka, specifically. Maybe it's because the suggestion that anyone could struggle with mental health is too woke and snowflakey for him to handle. Or maybe it's just like this person said: