Piers Morgan hits out at decision to replace him with Alastair Campbell on Good Morning Britain 1 year ago

Piers Morgan hits out at decision to replace him with Alastair Campbell on Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan has never been been one to voice his opinions subtly

After his dramatic departure from Good Morning Britain earlier this year, former GMB co-host Piers Morgan has spoken out about Alastair Campbell temporarily taking his spot on the ITV breakfast show.


However, as Piers Morgan put it in his piece for the Daily Mail, Campbell is merely "the latest 'try-out'" for his "old job."

Morgan admitted that he has been enjoying the so-called 'Who will replace Piers?' media debate, but said that he happens to agree with ITV's director of TV Kevin Lygo's view that "there's nobody like Piers, for good or bad" and that he cannot be "replaced."

Despite being friendly with the former political advisor, Morgan questioned why TV bosses appointed Campbell for his previous role.


Morgan said in his article for the Daily Mail: "My ex-TV wife Susanna Reid told viewers her new partner was 'someone to provoke strong reaction and lively debate, tackle the big issues and speak in a language that real people understand'.

"Hmm, that sounds familiar! Then GMB's Twitter account urged Campbell: 'Welcome to the team! We can't wait for some fiery debates, don't hold back!' Hmm, again."

The former GMB co-host went on to say that, given the circumstances surrounding his departure, the advice seems "extremely unwise."

In classic Piers Morgan style, he had to conclude his Daily Mail article with a bang.


He said: But forgive me for having a wry chuckle at the fact that I had to leave the show for declining to apologise for disbelieving Princess Pinocchio’s porky-pies, only to now be replaced by someone who has never apologised for spinning us into an illegal war that cost more than a million lives."

Morgan left the ITV breakfast show after receiving over 50,000 Ofcom complaints for the comments he made about Meghan Markle's mental health.