People can't comprehend Dan Bilzerian without a beard 6 months ago

People can't comprehend Dan Bilzerian without a beard

We know what you're thinking - how do I know that name?

Fans across social media can't seem to get over how different Dan Bilzerian looks without his trademark beard - and they're making their opinions known online.


Bilzerian may be a name that primarily exists in the dark, forgotten, cobwebbed corridors of our brains for reasons none of his really know - but give him a quick Google and you'll realise that the former professional poker player, stuntman, businessman and social media influencer must be a big deal.

After all, the guy has 33m followers on Instagram.

Scroll through his profile and you'll see several variations of the same two themes: money and women.


Basically, he's one of those folks that got famous because he was rich and he then got richer because he was famous.

He's also pretty recognisable - mainly thanks to the fact that he's a big, muscly man with an undoubtedly impressive beard - but what if we told you that (brace yourself) he didn't always have that beard?

It's this fact that has blown people's minds.

So here it is: Dan Bilzerian sans-facial fuzz.


Dan Bilzerian, clean shaven (Twitter)

That beard really is doing him a lot of favours, isn't it?

Of course, he's significantly younger in these pictures - but it still looks a little jarring.


You may be thinking that he reminds you of someone else, minus a beard. Well, one Twitter user may be able to help put your mind at ease.

This is clearly a persona that the social media personality has decided to leave behind though.

Nowadays yachts, alcohol, cigars and extravagant wealth are all you'll see in a Bilzerian social media post - all with that monumental beard.


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