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16th Jul 2016

People are trying to sum up 2016 in 3 words and the results are absolutely spot-on


Declan Cashin

2016, it’s fair to say, has been an almighty shitshow of a year – and we’re still only half way through it.

Numerous terror attacks, deaths of beloved icons and celebrities, Trump, Brexit, police brutality – the list of things that have made this year feel unstable and even utterly out of control just keeps growing.

In the midst of this craziness, people on Twitter are this weekend trying to sum up 2016 in just three words.

It’s proving difficult, as you can imagine, but that hasn’t stopped people from making valiant attempts.

Here are some of the best entries.

Most of them are fearful and despairing, understandably:

Others are trying to strike a lighter note amidst the gloom:

While others still choose to focus on hope: