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12th Oct 2016

People are taking high five selfies in an elaborate attempt to smash their phones

That is one expensive pat on the back.

Carl Anka

What’s the most impressive selfie on your phone?

Is it a photo where you have a fire look?

A snap where you’re somewhere impressive in the world?

Is your best selfie from a celebrity encounter, where you’ve rubbed shoulders with one of your heroes and they’ve said something nice about you?

How about a selfie where you’ve managed to give yourself a high five?

Started by North Carolina State University student Seth Schneider, there’s a new trend where people are taking high five selfies.

The potentially phone smashing move comes from where smartphone owners set their phone’s camera on a timer, throw it into the air in front of a mirror and clap their hands above their head as the photo is taken.

Sounds simple? Here was our attempt.


In an interview with The Telegraph, Seth said he started the trend because he was “bored” during Hurricane Matthew.

“The art of Phone Fiving is self-taught. You must look deep in your heart to learn”.

You must also have a decent phone case and really good hand eye co-ordination because this sport ain’t for chumps.

Still, when it works, it works rather well.