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20th Jul 2023

Owner wanted dog putting down ‘because he barks’

Joseph Loftus

“Dogs bark. It’s what they do.”

People have been left both furious and heartbroken all over the world after news emerged that a woman asked a vet to ‘put her dog down’ because it barks at people.

Lucie Holmes, who runs Lucie’s Animal Rescue in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, initially said that she was contacted by the woman asking if she would take in her two-year-old dog, Markus.

Lucie’s Animal Rescue

Unfortunately, Lucie had to turn Markus away as the centre was already full. But then, just two hours later, a local vet called her to say the owner had been in touch with them asking if they would euthanise Markus because of his barking, but they refused the request, and rightfully so.

Speaking about the heartbreaking incident, Lucie said: “It’s disgusting. I have not been able to sleep much because I am still so angry. Dogs bark. It’s what they do. I told the owner there was absolutely no need for Markus to be euthanised. He needs needs time and training.”

According to the BBC, while Lucie and her husband, Sean, already share their home with nine dogs, as well as 34 kittens, they agreed to take Markus in.

Lucie’s Animal Rescue

Lucie also explained that she does not want to discourage people from asking for help, but she does want people “to think carefully” and “do research” before getting an animal.

She said: “You have to do your research and give dogs time to settle. You wouldn’t take a toddler to nursery and expect him or her to be blissfully happy immediately.”

Let’s hope that Markus soon finds his forever home where he will be loved for as long as his doggy years last.