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15th Apr 2024

Billionaire may never get to live in £16m ‘sky mansion’ he built on top of 400ft skyscraper

Joseph Loftus

He’s a wanted man

Located 400ft in the sky is a £16 million sky mansion but the owner might never live in it.

Built on top of the Kingfisher Towers in UB City, Bengaluru, India, is the home of businessman Vijay Mallya.

The house is a massive 40,000 square ft and shares nothing with the rest of the apartments in the building below.

The chairman of Prestige Estates Projects, Irfan Razack, was part of a joint development to construct the tower and said: “It was a challenge to construct the mansion on a huge cantilever at that height, but we have ensured we build it exactly the way it was conceived.

“It’s a complex structure and the finishing work is going on.

“We will finish the project as per contract and hand it over.”

The mansion is believed to be worth around $20 million but despite the huge amount of money spent to make its owner’s dreams come true, there’s a big chance he’ll never live in it.

After fleeing India to relocate to the UK after bailing on debts of £842 million, Mallya faces charges including fraud if he steps foot back in India.

India has made efforts to extradite him, who made his fortune selling Kingfisher beer, before expanding his empire into F1 and aviation.

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