Nigel Farage's first US tour date had only 21 attendees despite free tickets 1 year ago

Nigel Farage's first US tour date had only 21 attendees despite free tickets

Good news!

Remember when TikTokers and K-Pop stans managed to prank Donald Trump by booking all the tickets to his rallies and then not turning up, forcing old Trumpy to speak to swathes of empty seats? Well, here's the sequel.


Nigel Farage has reportedly faced a similar scenario on his tour of America, with just 21 people present at one of his events despite tickets being free. And that 21 includes six of his team. So only 14 members of the public actually attended.


The Metro reports that thousands of people have been reserving tickets for Farage's tour, but with absolutely no intention of turning up.


It is thought almost 3,000 people had registered for the event in Pittsburgh.

And of course, Farage has thrown a temper tantrum and made a desperate attempt to claim some sort of victory out of all this.


The former UKIP leader, former Brexit Party leader, and Reform UK founder (a party which only won three councillors across the entire country at the recent local elections) has claimed that the hoaxers have "overplayed their hand," thanking them for the publicity and claiming that "free speech will win."

Free speech will win alright Nigel, and it seems to have told us that only 14 people in a city with a population of over 300,000 want to hear you speak.

In a separate tweet he wrote: "It is no surprise that the cancel culture mob are trying to damage my USA tour that calls for free speech."


To top it all off, Farage has since written a piece in the Telegraph claiming that the IP address of those responsible will be found and that it "won't be very difficult to work out where the hoaxers are from."

He continues: "Those responsible have overplayed their hand. Ultimately, they have wasted their own time."

I beg to differ Nigel, I really do. I can't think of a better use of time than booking free tickets to your events with no intention of turning up.

I wonder whether his mate Hugh Janus turned up...