Nigel Farage 'pranked' into wishing happy birthday to 'Huge Anus' 1 year ago

Nigel Farage 'pranked' into wishing happy birthday to 'Huge Anus'

It's a classic gag

A clip of a Nigel Farage Cameo message is doing the rounds on social media in which he wishes a certain Hugh Janus a happy birthday.


The current Reform UK party leader/former UKIP leader/former Brexit Party leader (who has, despite all this, never won a seat in Parliament) has made the move onto Cameo, and charges around £75 for a personalised message.

Along with having a fan club of 2,000 people though, there are also plenty who have taken the opportunity to send Farage amusing messages for him to read out.

In the clip in question that, like most things nowadays, has resurfaced on TikTok, the former Member of European Parliament says: "Happy birthday Hugh Janus. I've heard you're a massive fan of shzwheelie [TikTok star] and her battle against Cal the Dragon [another TikToker].


"How could I help to make sure shzwheelie wins the war against Cal and his garden gnome army? And this is from the lads... lads... lads... happy birthday."

Feel free to enjoy it.

@unknownr11@cal_the_dragon_official @shzwheelie Nigel farage baited on cameo ??? #fyp #foryoupage #cameo #shzwheelie #calthedragon♬ Body - Russ Millions & Tion Wayne

The clip has been viewed over 170,000 times and racked up over 18,000 likes.


Whilst many have enjoyed the clip and its apparent mockery of the career politician and ex-banker, several have also pointed out that he almost certainly couldn't care less, and that there is not a lot of 'trolling' going on here.

One user commented: "He knows what he's saying but he's getting 75 quid for a 20 second video so he isn't complaining."

Another made a similar point, saying: "Only people getting baited here are those who give this man £75 quid to say something and make u think he had no idea."

At the end of the day, whether he knows what he's saying or not, this is exactly what people need to realise. No matter what you get him to say, he's still getting £75 in his pocket and visibility across social media when clips like this go viral. For a much better example of Farage being humiliated, I'll refer you to the clip below.


So maybe if you're thinking of getting Farage to say a funny name on Cameo, consider that really he'll be the one laughing. Your £75 will probably be funding whatever opportunistic, attention-seeking, vanity project of a political party he's decided to set up.

Suddenly becomes a bit less funny doesn't it. Unless you too have been kicked in the head by a horse.