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30th Sep 2020

Newcastle chef takes hilarious swipe at Boris Johnson on BBC breakfast

A chef in Newcastle appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning and managed to fit in a subtle but hilarious dig at Boris Johnson on a poster in the background

Reuben Pinder

Someone buy this man a pint (when it is safe to do so)

A chef from Newcastle appeared on BBC Breakfast on Wednesday morning and managed to fit in a sly but hilarious dig at prime minister Boris Johnson.

Max Gott was speaking about the local lockdown situation in the north-east via video link and made sure a poster displaying famous ‘British Tits’ was just in shot.

On that poster of tits was of course, the biggest tit of them all, Boris Johnson.

Owner of Bistro Forty-Six, Gott said: “It’s sad for a business to watch something like that fall away in one go.

“Every week just gets harder so we can’t take on more staff at the moment.

“We’re having to diversify – we are opening as a takeaway as well with a slightly different concept of what we currently do and I think that’s the only way we can go forward.

“It makes it so hard to operate, we constantly feel that if we do something wrong it’s our licence, it’s our livelihood that’s going to come under fire.

“You could have a table of six of two households, but now it’s against the law to have a table of six with two households, we just need clarifications.”

Gott is a long time critic of Johnson, obviously, and has previously spoken against the legislation that allowed restaurants to open at limited capacity, tweeting: “Dear Boris Johnson. We are running at 40% capacity. Even if we are full 7 days a week we will not break even.

“Its physically not possible for us to make money under current guidance. We need help! You absolute weapon. Much love, Every independent restaurant.”