New York teacher who sucked man's nipple during Zoom lesson returns to classroom 3 months ago

New York teacher who sucked man's nipple during Zoom lesson returns to classroom

One mum described the ordeal as 'nauseating'

The Spanish teacher who was suspended for sucking a man's nipple during a Zoom lecture has returned to the classroom, leaving student's stunned by her reappearance.


Amid the covid pandemic in October 2020, the Department of Education in the US removed Amanda K. Fletcher from Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, and Engineering for engaging in a lewd act on camera.

Sat at the kitchen table while eating spaghetti during her Zoom class, a shirtless man appeared behind Fletcher. The teacher then turned and appeared to "suckle" the man's nipple, reports the New York Post.

"Oh my God, are you seeing what I'm seeing?" a student in the class asked a friend. The same student told the news outlet: "She was eating pasta full-on. Then a half-naked guy came on."


The student recalled how Fletcher did a "little shimmy" after sucking the nipple.

"She wasn't hiding it. It was a 'look at me' kind of thing," they added.

Fletcher returned to the school 17-months later on March 7 in what a local mum described as "a slap in the face." She added that she finds "this whole situation nauseating."


In an email obtained by the New York Post, Principal Miriam Nightingale said that: "The decision to return Amanda Fletcher to service was not made at the school level," she explained. "I cannot change her assignment to our school nor bar her from the building."

While Nightingale assured the concerned mother that Fletcher would only come into contact with her daughter in the corridor, she still wasn't having any of it.

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"I don't care where the woman goes, but give us a heads up. Let the kids know because they did their duty by talking to investigators. And then suddenly she's back in their faces," she replied.

The anonymous mother claimed to have called the superintendent's and chancellor's office repeatedly. However, upon getting nowhere, she contacted the press.

In a strange turn of events, upon reaching out to the DOE for comment, the New York Post was informed that Fletcher was sent to a "district office." Fletcher has since agreed to "irrevocably resign" and skip misconduct charges, with her last day being July 1.

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