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27th Mar 2024

New horror film reportedly makes $666,666 in opening weekend

Simon Kelly


New horror film Late Night With the Devil has reportedly made a spookily specific total of $666,666 at the box office on the Sunday of its opening weekend.

The frankly terrifying coincidence becomes slightly less spooky when you consider its overall weekend earnings, which Variety reports as $2.8m in total.

But we still have goosebumps.

Not only will creators be delighted with their spin-chillingly specific box office take, Late Night With the Devil has also received critical acclaim after its release in cinemas.

Made on a reported shoe-string budget of just $2 million, the horror comedy has already surpassed financial expectations.

The movie stars David Dastmalchian as a late night talk show, with the synopsis reading: “Johnny Carson rival Jack Delroy hosts a syndicated talk show ‘Night Owls’ that has long been a trusted companion to insomniacs around the country.

“However, ratings for the show have plummeted since the tragic death of Jack’s beloved wife. Desperate to turn his fortunes around, on October 31st, 1977, Jack plans a Halloween special like no other–unaware he is about to unleash evil into the living rooms of America.”

New horror film makes spookily specific $666,666 opening at the box office

Speaking to Variety, Scott Shooman, head of AMC Networks Films, parent company to the film’s distributor IMC, said “This weekend’s release of Late Night With the Devil set fire to our old opening record.

“[It] continues to showcase that there is still potential for highly reviewed, intelligent auteur films in movie theaters across all genres.”

Critics have lauded the flick, giving it an incredibly strong 97% on Rotten Tomatoes.

You can check out some of the reviews for Late Night With the Devil below.

Empire – “A smart, original approach makes this much more than just another Exorcist wannabe. You’ll sense that there are horrors coming, but you still won’t quite feel ready.”

The Observer – “Smart, cynical and at times devilishly funny, the film delivers a crackle of disruptive static to the demonic possession genre.”

AV Club – “Virtually everything about Late Night With The Devil works, from its sets to its costumes to its casting to its impeccable sound design. It’s a gem on every level, and it’s already a contender for the best new horror film of 2024.”

The Guardian – “The directors and Dastmalchian – high on his own bogus gravitas – have fun with a fresh premise that reminds us that light entertainment is the anteroom of hell.”

Despite excellent reviews, Late Night With the Devil has had its reputation slightly marred in recent weeks, after complaints around its use of AI generated images came to light.

A number of cutaway images used in the film were generated with the assistance of AI, with backlash coming from viewers who say that AI should be avoided when human artists can do a better job.

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