Navy releases video of sunken submarine crew singing farewell song 8 months ago

Navy releases video of sunken submarine crew singing farewell song

The Indonesian navy has released a video of the sailors singing just a few weeks before their submarine sunk

The KRI Nanggala, a submarine deployed as part of the Indonesian navy, sank off the coast of Bali last week. Sadly, all 53 sailors and members of the crew were confirmed as dead, as the ship was found split into three on the sea bed.


Following the discovery of the wreckage, Indonesia's navy has now released a video that the crew recorded just a few weeks before the vessel sunk. You can see the heartbreaking video of sailors singing the Indonesian hit, 'Sampai Jumpa' (see you later), below:

As you can see, the sailors look to be in good spirits, being led in song by their commander, Heri Oktavian, who can be seen playing the guitar at the front of the group. The lyrics translate as follows: "Even though I'm not ready to be missing you, I'm not ready to live without you. I wish all the best for you."

The German-built submarine had been taking part in a torpedo drill just before it disappeared and while the reason for its sinking has not yet been established, this navy exercise involves diving to significant depths in preparation for a torpedo. The navy's spokesman, Julius Widjojono, said that the submarine could sustain a depth of up to 500m.

When the vessel was located, its rudder, anchors and outer shell were found scattered across the bottom of the seabed. While the cause of the submarines sinking has not yet been ascertained, it is believed that it underwent a refitting in 2020. First Admiral Widjojono said they "will analyse the underwater pictures and video, the current etc, to decide the technology that will be used."

Military spokesman, Djawara Whimbo, told AFP news agency that the video was made as a farewell to an outgoing commander of the navy's submarine corps, but it will no doubt going as a fitting remembrance of the crew themselves.