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05th Mar 2021

Mystery person infected with Brazilian variant finally found

Reuben Pinder

The mystery patient infected with the Brazilian variant of Covid-19 has finally been found in England, according to reports.

News that six people had been infected with the strain of coronavirus prompted a five day hunt to find the patient who brought the variant to the UK from Brazil.

Officials have since tracked down two people in the same household in Gloucester, one of whom has returned from Brazil in February, and a further three in Scotland.

But the remaining patient proved difficult to track down, after they didn’t fill in their form properly.

But two officials have today told the Financial Times the final mystery patient has been found.

The Brazilian strain is much more transmissible than other strains, researchers have found.

The government faced criticism during his hunt for the sixth patient, with many highlighting the ineffectiveness of the current border controls, leaving the country exposed to dangerous strains of covid-19.