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23rd Feb 2022

Mysterious UFO spotted floating over city for two hours leaves locals stunned

Danny Jones

Mysterious UFO spotted in Pakistan

The ‘bulging triangle’ shaped object was spotted in Pakistan

A mysterious UFO was spotted hovering over a city for more than two hours as locals looked on with bemusement.

As captured by Arslan Warraich, 33, while landing his drone in Pakistan‘s capital city of Islamabad, the “bulging triangle UFO” was said to linger over the city’s wealthy DHA 1 district for hours.

Capturing over 13-minutes of video, the object appears to move at different points with the clearest footage coming at around 2:35 onwards. The onlooker even used his iPhone 13 Pro Max to zoom-in on the mysterious shape floating thousands of feet above the ground.

Warraich – a businessman formerly based in Birmingham – shared the unbelievable sighting on the internet and the video has since been shared all over social media as people debate the origins of this mysterious UFO.

As quoted in The Sun, Arslan himself admitted he struggled to make anything out at all at first but that, upon closer inspection he “could see it was roughly the shape of a triangle with a clear bulge on top towards the back”.

While many online were quick to suggest first contact and aliens, as is to be expected, others questioned if this could simply be a drone. However, as a fellow enthusiast, Warraich argued this couldn’t be the case: “I fly drones myself so I know it wasn’t a commercial drone either.”

The possibility of a military drone or operation of some kind was also posited – but he doubts that too, saying: “it makes no sense for our military to be flying secret drones over a posh area of Islamabad where most of the army and government officers live.”

As he went on to ponder, “with the number of stars and planets in the known universe, it is statistically impossible that we are the only intelligent beings in this universe.”

What do you reckon, is this a hint at life in space?

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