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05th Jun 2024

Most Brits think Rishi Sunak won first TV debate with Keir Starmer

Charlie Herbert

rishi sunak declared winner of first TV debate

YouGov asked viewers who they thought ‘performed best overall’

Most Brits think Rishi Sunak won the first live TV debate with Keir Starmer, according to a major poll.

On Tuesday night, the Prime Minister faced off against the Labour leader in the first television debate of this general election campaign.

The two politicians faced questions from audience members throughout the hour-long programme aired on ITV, in a debate that was often tetchy and angry.

On several occasions, both Sunak and Starmer talked over each other as they clashed on issues such as taxes, private schools, private healthcare and immigration.

And whilst many of you are likely to have come away thinking neither leader did themselves many favours, a major YouGov poll has declared the Prime Minister the winner on the night – just.

In a snap poll of 1,657 people who watched the debate, the pollster asked who has performed best overall.

Just over half (51 per cent) of those asked said they thought Conservative leader had performed best.

Amongst viewers who voted Conservative at the last general election in 2019, 85 per cent thought Sunak had performed best.

But perhaps the more enlightening results were from another question YouGov asked: how did you feel about the debate?

In response to this, the most almost two-thirds (62 per cent) said they found it ‘frustrating.’

So maybe no one’s the winner here…

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