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26th May 2023

More than $150,000 raised in memory of man who died helping ducks cross the road

Charlie Herbert

Money raised for dad who rescued ducks

The family have thanked people for the ‘outpouring of support’

More than $150,000 has been raised in memory of a father who was killed after he got out his car to help some ducks cross the road.

Casey Rivara, a dad-of-two, died at the scene in Rocklin, California, after being struck around 8.15pm last Friday.

The 41-year-old had stopped his car, while taking his children, aged six and 11 home from swimming practice, to help a mother and her duckings cross the busy intersection.

Onlookers were said to have clapped as the “kind” and “compassionate” dad gently shooed the family to safety, when “all of a sudden he was hit by a car”, eyewitness Summer Peterson told a local CBS News affiliate.

Casey and his family (GoFundMe)

Rivara’s aunt, Tracey set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for his family, and for people to donate money “in lieu of flowers, meals, and other acts of kindness.”

As of midday Friday (May 26) more than $151,000 (£122,000) had been raised.

In an update on the page on Friday, Tracey shared a message from Casey’s family which read: “Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the outpouring of support. Since this terrible tragedy, we have received so many messages and gestures of support and are deeply touched by everyone’s kindness and generosity.

“It means so much to us to know that Casey touched so many lives, and his memory will live on. It gives us some solace to know that in this tragedy so many people can find a message of love and compassion. Keep being kind!”

Casey’s fatal accident was watched by a number of children who had stopped to watch his kind act.

Casey was struck by a car after he had helped a family of ducks cross the road (KCRA 3)

William Wimsatt, 12, told local news channel KCRA 3: “He got out of the car and was shooing the ducks and everyone was clapping because he was being really nice.

“He helped them get up over the kerb because all the little baby duckies were having trouble and then he walked in front of our car.

“My mom rolled down the window and said, ‘Good job, good job,’ and I said, ‘Good job’ to him too.’”

Seconds late Rivara was hit.

William didn’t see the impact, but he heard it: “All I remember is the sound and then him flying across the intersection. His shoes and one of his socks were right in front of our car.”

He added: “He was the only person to get out of the car and try and help them and probably the nicest person in the entire area. It’s not fair.”

Police said the 17-year-old driver driving the car was co-operating and is unlikely to face charges.

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