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09th Jun 2023

Metallica’s Download Festival performance rattles windows 15 miles away

Charlie Herbert

Metallica performance at Download

‘Lying in bed trying to get some sleep and all I can hear is awful heavy metal!’

Residents have been left fuming after the noise coming from Metallica’s performance at Download festival left their walls “rattling” – from the next county 15 miles away.

Around 100,000 fans are expected to attend the four day rock festival, which is being held this weekend at Donington Park, Leicestershire.

The annual event, which has been running for two decades, is being headlined this year by Metallica, Bring Me the Horizon and Slipknot.

But locals as far away as Long Eaton, Matlock and West Hallam in Derbyshire – 15 miles away from Donington – were left angry at hearing the rock bands from their homes.

Some reported feeling their walls rattling due to the thudding music being blasted out by the acts as they performed their sets on the main stage.

Metallica performed on the main stage on Thursday evening (SWNS)

Derbyshire Police confirmed they had received a number of complaints about the noise coming from the festival in a neighbouring county.

A force spokesperson said: “We are receiving a number of calls from residents concerned about noise from the Download Festival.

“Download Festival is an annual music event held at Donington Park near Castle Donington in Leicestershire.

“We’re not able to help with concerns about noise, but North West Leicestershire District Council have provided information around what residents can expect, and what to do if you feel you are experiencing unreasonable noise levels.”

Others took to social media to report hearing the noise with some thinking it was their own neighbours blasting out loud music.

A Kirk Hallam resident posted: “Is it Download you can hear around Kirk Hallam this evening, or is it someone living out their rock and roll dreams on the back garden?”

One replied: “I was at Download and my family messaged the song Metallica were playing at the time they were right lol”

Another resident posted online: “This is crazy. My walls are rattling during the Metallica set. Free gig I suppose.”

Download is the biggest rock festival in the UK and takes place every year at Donington Park (SWNS)

One person wrote: “I was just gunna say who’s playing music at this time on a school night – glad I’m away for the weekend.”

Another complained: “Lying in bed trying to get some sleep and all I can hear is awful heavy metal s***e””

While another put: “I really don’t understand how download can be this loud that many miles away, cricket ground have to have noise reduction test’s.

“Why are download aloud [sic] it to be so loud it’s driving me crazy I hate heavy metal and rock.”

A post on the Spotted Long Eaton Facebook page said: “This is ridiculous, Download festival is 6 miles away and the thudding is unreal and still a working day tomorrow.”

One unsympathetic person replied: “Imagine living close by to a race track and an airport but crying into your cereal about a bit of music.”

Festival organisers have already had to apologise for traffic experienced by festival-goers on the surrounding roads and M1 motorway as they travelled to the event.

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