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24th Aug 2022

Mendy told rape victim ‘don’t worry, it’s small’, court hears

Jack Peat

‘Within 20 seconds it was over’, the woman told police

Benjamin Mendy told a woman “it’s small, don’t worry” before he allegedly raped her, a court has heard.

An interview played to Chester Crown Court on Wednesday featured a girl who said the Premier League footballer tried to “debate” her into having sex after getting her alone at a gathering at his mansion.

Despite giving him “every excuse”, she said her protests “didn’t phase him” and she had to “give in”, the court heard.

The woman said she “felt dirty” and used most of a pack of baby wipes to try to clean herself after the incident, the jury heard.

She did not report the rape to police until being contacted by officers after other allegations surfaced because “it was like one word against another” and that she was “really scared”, adding: “these people have power whether you like it or not”.

Recalling the alleged incident in a recorded police interview, which was played to a jury, she said she had been invited to Mendy’s home where people were drinking and playing games.

But as she was about to leave he took her into the cinema room at the house alone where they talked and began kissing before he pulled his underwear down.

She said: “I was just like ‘I don’t want to do anything, I don’t know you’.

“He said ‘it’s small, don’t worry’ and all this.

“I was sat on a bean bag and he was standing in front of me holding himself. I felt like I had given him every excuse to get out of the situation …

“It didn’t phase him, it’s like nothing I said got through to him and it’s like arguing with a brick wall.”

The woman explained to the court how she didn’t know other guests at the party well and didn’t feel she could just walk away.

She continued: “When I sat on that bean bag and I ended up having to like give in. There was nothing more I could do.”

“Within 20 seconds it was over.”

Following the alleged rape, she said she “didn’t know how to process what had just happened” and “felt so by myself”, the court heard.

Mendy denies eight counts of rape, one count of attempted rape, and one count of sexual assault against seven young women.

The trial continues.

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