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06th Dec 2021

Men spread covid more than other populations, study shows

Danny Jones

Men spread covid more than anyone else

Dirty blokes strike again

Men spread covid more than any other population, according to a recent study.

The research carried out by Colorado State University tracked the spread of covid-19 in performing arts settings and in the process apparently discovered that blokes spread coronavirus particles more than anyone else.

Conducted over the course of several months, the study was designed to assess whether it would be safe for people to return to the stage and theatres across the US and by completing a series of exercises it found that men were responsible for highest rates of droplet dispersal.

Men spread coronavirus more than others

John Volckens – a professor in the department of mechanical engineering at Colorado State University who was asked to carry out the study alongside the school’s head of music, theatre and dance, Dan Goble – revealed that not only do “Adults tend to emit more particles than children” but that “The reason men tend to emit more particles is because we have bigger lungs.”

Volckens also said the virus tends to spread more easily among those who speak at louder volumes – a good way to get your gobby mate to can it next time you’re at the pub.

He went on to explain how “the volume of your voice is an indicator of how much energy you’re putting into your voice box. That energy translates to more particles coming out of your body. These are particles that carry the COVID-19 virus and infect other people”. Makes sense.

As the Omicron variant continues to spread across Europe, social distancing and mask guidance has returned, with more than £30,000 in fines being handed out to London commuters in just 24 hours since they became mandatory once again.

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