Man says service on flight was "abhorrent" after he refused to move for family 1 year ago

Man says service on flight was "abhorrent" after he refused to move for family

What is it with people and being d*ckheads on flights at the minute!?

In one of the most straight white male moments in, I dunno, probably the last 15 minutes, a bloke took to Reddit to moan about his flight and in an attempt to justify why he was in the right after refusing to move for a family with young children.


The Redditor who posted on r/AmITheAngel/ - basically an off-shoot of r/AmItheAsshole/ for people already in denial - told the story of how he'd "paid a small amount extra for a seat [...] the front of the cabin - the coach seat that has a wall in front of it and extra legroom [...] in a 20-hour total trip".

Fair enough, it's a long haul journey and you want a bit of luxury to help get you through it but, let's be honest, it's not exactly the most unbearable conditions in economy if it comes to that, is it?

The original post was actually deleted as, surprise surprise, the moaner in question realised he'd basically outed himself as nothing more than a male Karen (Ken, Kev, Richard, Dave - we haven't decided yet) and couldn't handle the fact that most people would have opted to do a kindness for the family.


Thankfully, amidst the admittedly mixed comments - some seeing his side and some citing the common 'I was raised to always give up my seat to the mothers with prams and the elderly' outlook - the good old AutoModerator came to the rescue and reposted the entire saga in full.

In fairness, he doesn't sound like the nastiest of men but we'll let you decide which side of the argument you fall on for yourself:


I'm pretty sure I'm TA, because it was a family, but hear me out. I normally wouldn't care, but...

I paid a small amount extra for a seat that is in the front of the cabin - the coach seat that has a wall in front of it and extra legroom, because it's my second leg in a 20 hour total trip.

Two adults, two children (8ish?) and two infants would like to fill this row of four. Two adults with one infant each in the bassinet in front of them, and the two middle-schoolers. The attendant asked if I would move to a similar seat so they could sit together.

I said, "but I paid extra for this seat." The response was that the other seat was the exact same, so sure. It was not the exact same. It was the same chair, aisle, and class, but it was not with the extra legroom. I said, "absolutely not."


So one of the middle schoolers had to sit by themselves.

Why I'm the asshole: It made none of us comfortable for me just to be a stubborn prick, myself included. The other passengers around me were looking at me, and service on the flight for me was abhorrent in comparison to everyone around me (everyone's getting their regular meal and a coke or beer or whatever. ("could I have a drink with my meal, too?" "in a moment." forgets me; etc.) The other seat wasn't horrible, it's just I'm a pushover way too much, normally I'd happily move like it was all my fault, but I was very tired.

Why I'm not the asshole: Unlike the family, I'd just changed from a 10 hour flight, getting on another 10 hour flight, and I paid in advance to sit there.

"Abhorrent"? Give it a rest, mate, it wasn't Con Air. I mean, even if it's the fact he paid extra and therefore felt such attachment to his precious seat, are you really running the risk of being that guy that makes life more difficult for a family already having to manage the behaviour of four kids on a ten-hour flight? Then again, you lot might disagree.

We can only assume since he deleted the question that wasn't really a question, that this bloke got the answer he was expecting despite secretly hoping he'd be absolved by the famously forgiving forum that is Reddit.


As u/taylferr put it quite succinctly, we suspect the extent of the petulant passenger's treatment has been exaggerated and "can’t say [we're] surprised at the lack of empathy and that majority have clearly never travelled with others".

As for the now anonymous Redditor, this one's for you fella:

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