Man divides internet over the way he leaves hotel room on check out 10 months ago

Man divides internet over the way he leaves hotel room on check out

Would you ever consider leaving a hotel room like this?

A man has sparked fierce debate after posting a picture of the state he always tries to leave a hotel room. But it's not what you think.


Darren Dowling strips all the bedding and leaves it neatly stacked on the end of the bed, in order to make life easier for hotel staff who then have to clean the room for the next guest.

Darren, or Dazza as he's known online, posted a picture of his courteous clean-up on Facebook last week and asked: "I always try and leave a hotel room like this. Is this the right or wrong thing to do?"

Not everyone understood why Darren bothered.


While most commenters on Facebook said they would at least give the room a quick tidy before checking out, several people thought that Dazza was going a step too far and pointed out that cleaners are paid to do it.

Dazza leaves a hotel room like this Dazza caused a stir when he shared this pic of how he leaves a hotel room (credit: Darren Dowling)

One user wrote: "I have never done this. I never leave the room in a state but it would never occur to me to strip the bed for them."


Another added: "They literally pay people to do that tho..."

Dazza had a pretty concise response to this argument though, writing: "'They're paid to clean it' - the police are paid to stop murders but that doesn't go well does it."

Most commenters seemed to think it was a very courteous thing to do, with many saying that they also strip the beds before checking out.

Referring to cleaning staff at hotels, one person wrote: "They don't get paid nearly enough. People are very rude to them and even other areas of the hotel look down on them.


"It's the most important job in the hotel because if it weren't for housekeeping there would be no rooms to rent out and therefore no money coming in."

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Another wrote: "I do this in hotels! I use to be a housekeeper and I was always delighted when the bed was stripped."


A third said: "I do this too, the staff will be very pleased when they see it, they have a hard graft and this makes thing's a little bit easier on them."

And a couple of housekeepers gave their views as well, praising Dazza for stripping the bed before leaving.

One said: "As a housekeeper, this makes me very happy when customers do this, saves us an extra job and makes it easier."

Another added: "Housekeeping is a thankless hard job. The condition some rooms are left in is astonishing, even after just one night."

So next time you stay in a hotel, maybe help out the hotel staff a little bit and take a leaf out of Dazza's book. The gesture won't go unnoticed.