Britain First tricked into protesting at hotels with no asylum seekers 1 year ago

Britain First tricked into protesting at hotels with no asylum seekers

They were given a fake list of hotels by pro-migrant groups

Far-right group Britain First have been tricked into protesting against asylum seekers outside hotels that in fact did not house a single one.


Last year, Britain First supporters entered hotels that the Home Office were using to house asylum seekers, banging on bedroom doors of rooms in which they were staying.

They have now started to resume these dreadful stunts, so put out a message to the public to supply them with names of hotels where they knew asylum seekers were being accommodated. However, many saw a brilliant opportunity to make a farce of the group. The Guardian reports that about 600 people contacted the group with names of decoy hotels.

Paul Golding and Ashlea Simon, the leader and chair of Britain First respectively, released a video on social media saying that they had not realised that they had been given fake hotel names.


Simon said that they had received a long list of hotel names from the public and had started visiting them. Whilst holding the list, she tell the camera: "When we visited these hotels we were met with empty rooms. No illegal immigrants."

Truly brilliant scenes.


However there does seem to have been a rise in far-right activists visiting hotels in search of asylum seekers.

On 17 April, police were called to a hotel in Nottingham when Britain First thugs entered the building. They went from room to room demanding to know if the occupants were. asylum seekers and where they had come from.

Two pro-migrant groups have said that along with these visits, far-right supporter s have been filming on a daily basis at Dover where small boats arrive carrying migrants. According to Hope Not Hate and Migration Exchange, Tommy Robinson has also turned his attention to hotels. Although he's got the small matter of a libel case to deal with first.

Care4Calais, which supports asylum seekers in 50 different hotels, stated in a report that between 4 and 17 April at least eight hotels accommodating asylum seekers were visited by Britain First.


Clare Moseley, the founder of Care4Calais, labelled Britain First's hotel visits as "sickening" and said that they were " an act of sheer cowardice."

Moseley said: "Britain First’s attempt to resurrect last year’s campaign of visiting asylum seekers’ hotels is sickening. It’s an act of sheer cowardice. They challenge people who can’t answer back and who are at a disadvantage due to lack of legal status."

Golding conceded: "Yes, loads of bogus submissions were inputted by left wing, pro-migrant activists, but these were filtered out very easily. The hotels we visited were 100% being used – up until recently – to house illegal immigrants."