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14th Mar 2022

Man calls 911 to test ‘fake meth’ he bought after not getting ‘expected sensation’

Charlie Herbert

Man calls 911 to test his meth

The ‘experienced user’ suspected the meth was in fact bath salts

A man in Florida phoned up police to get them to test his meth because he thought it was bath salts.

According to Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, Thomas Eugene Colucci called 911 at around 7 pm on Thursday (March 10).

He told them he was an experienced drug user and thought something was up because the substances he had bought hadn’t produced the usual sensation.

In a post on Facebook, police said: “Colucci told deputies he had recently purchased methamphetamine from a male he met in a local bar, and after having used a bit of it, believed it was actually bath salts.

“Colucci went on to tell deputies he was an experienced drug user, having used methamphetamine in the past, and ‘knew what it should feel like.'”

Colucci then produced “two small baggies, each containing a white crystal-like substance” and gave them to the deputy, wanting police to test it so that other people didn’t buy drugs from the dealer.

He wanted to turn his dealer into the authorities and “put the person in trouble” – but this plan hit a snag when he was unable to provide a name or any contact details for the man.

Both of the substances provided to the cops by Colucci tested positive for methamphetamine, who was then arrested and put in the back of a patrol vehicle.

He then complained of chest pains and was taken to a local hospital, where he was cleared by a physician.

The police charged him with possession of meth and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

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