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20th Jun 2018

Lord Sugar’s ‘apology’ faces backlash following ‘racist’ tweet about Senegal team

People are demanding a proper apology

Reuben Pinder

People are not satisfied with his apology

Lord Sugar has come under strong criticism on Twitter this morning after posting a tweet about the Senegalese football team – which he has since deleted.

The image showed Senegal’s players posing for a team photo, with the image edited to make it look like the players were standing behind some sunglasses and handbags.

“I recognise some of these guys from the beach in Marbella,” his tweet read. “Multi tasking resourceful chaps.”

Several people called out Lord Sugar, labelling his tweet as racist. Since receiving such a backlash, he has posted a follow up tweet, giving somewhat of an explanation for the tweet.

However many people are not satisfied with this explanation and are demanding a full apology.

The strange nature of his tweets this morning have led some to question whether he may have been hacked, suggesting that it might not have been him who posted the original tweet.

Update: he has since issued this apology.