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15th Jan 2016

Londoners on red alert as venomous Black Mamba snake is reportedly on the loose

Simon Lloyd

If you’ve ever seen a Black Mamba on one of David Attenborough’s many wildlife shows, you’ll know that it’s not something you’d want to inadvertently stand on.

Known for its lethal venom, the Black Mamba is one of the deadliest kinds of snake on the planet and can be found in different parts of the African continent.

But now, there are fears that one could be on the loose on the streets of London.

Posters such as the one above, seen in a London park, claim that a Black mamba named Rosie has escaped and may be seeking a warm place to curl up and shelter from the January temperatures.

The Daily Mail report that several calls to the number left on the poster were unanswered and some are now beginning to wonder if this is a practical joke.

The RSPCA is said to be investigating whether the poster – seen in ten different locations around the Kings Cross area – is a hoax.

However, they also advise anyone that comes across the snake to ‘keep a safe distance and call the police’