Liverpool fans demand Topman withdraws shirt after Hillsborough anger 4 years ago

Liverpool fans demand Topman withdraws shirt after Hillsborough anger

Men's fashion retailer Topman has been urged to withdraw a shirt after some believed it to be a reference to the Hillsborough disaster.

The red shirt features a large 96 on its back, seen by some as a reference to the number of Liverpool supporters who died in the disaster, which occurred in 1989.


Amongst those to criticise the shirt is Louise Brookes, sister of Andrew Brookes, one of the victims of Hillsborough. Calling for it to be removed, she says the phrases 'karma' and 'what goes around comes around' - also featured on the shirt - were used by some rival supporters who claimed Hillsborough was "God's punishment" for the Heysel disaster, which occurred in 1985.

"I really do believe it is something to do with Hillsborough," she is quoted as saying by the BBC.

"I would like it removed from sale and I do want (Topman) to explain how this shirt came about and what the thinking was."


Although it seems unthinkable that the retailer would knowingly design and sanction the release of such a shirt that might be interpreted as a reference to Hillsborough, it has clearly angered many.


Elsewhere, others have suggested the references made to the disaster are unintentional, some pointing out that it is more likely to be linked with Bob Marley song, What Goes Around Comes Around.