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30th Sep 2015

Katie Hopkins stoops to a new low with tweet about a sick baby


Carl Kinsella

What a vile woman.

Katie Hopkins has made her name by representing the opinions of society’s worst and she’s now furthered her reputation by insensitively running her mouth about a baby with a serious neurological condition.

Microhydraencephaly is a condition whereby much of the brain, skull and scalp are missing at birth. Whilst babies born with this unfortunate condition rarely survive longer than a few days, some survive up to a year.

Jaxon Buell has defied all his doctor’s expectations and made progress that nobody could have predicted.

Nevertheless, Hopkins has once again decide that she knows best and has called for babies such as Jaxon to be aborted…

Referring to the child as ‘it’, she carried on, under the pretence that she is thinking about the welfare of children like Jaxon…


Katie Hopkins