Joe Allen's Jesus-like face "appears" in a chicken nugget 6 years ago

Joe Allen's Jesus-like face "appears" in a chicken nugget

If it's not Andrea Pirlo that Joe Allen's being compared to, it's the Saviour of Man.

Since sprouting a Jesus-y-looking beard, the Liverpool midfielder has jokingly been compared to the Son of God by some of the club's supporters, but things are getting a bit silly now.


In the same way that JC's face is claimed to turn up in the most unexpected of places, this now appears to be the case with the Welshman, after *actual newspapers* reported how Allen's face had appeared in a chicken nugget.


Given that Joe Allen's face recently appeared on the cover of Chicken Magazine, you have to appreciate the irony of his 'face' now appearing on a chicken nugget.

Don't dare say that it's a slow news day.