Jeremy Corbyn had a unique way of dealing with news reporters this morning 1 year ago

Jeremy Corbyn had a unique way of dealing with news reporters this morning

"Good morning, how nice to see you, and goodbye"

News broke this morning that Labour would split today as reports circulated that a group of MPs would resign from the party. In the end, seven did, branching off to form the Independent group. Therefore, you'd forgive Jeremy Corbyn for feeling the strain a little bit as he set off to work in the morning.

When Sky News reporters greeted him outside his door they probably weren't expecting this, a quite masterful display of poker face from the Labour leader, who showed absolutely no signs of cracking at all. None at all. Honestly zero. If ever someone was OK, it was Jeremy Corbyn this morning, walking from his house to his car, telling reports how lovely it was to see them and shouting goodbye in the same sentence. That's how you normally talk to people, isn't it? That's how a normal interaction goes: Greeting, pleasantry, abrupt dismissal... right?

Anyway, the footage of it is hilarious.

"Are you expecting any resignations?" one reporter asked. "Is the Labour party in trouble?" another quizzed.

"Good morning! How nice to see you all here this morning!" Corbyn responded, in what must now be considered the most apparent case of the 'This is fine.' meme come to life.

He didn't even pause for breath as another journalist attempted to pose a question, continuing:

"Good morning, how nice to see you, and goodbye."

And then it came, one last baton twirl as the door was closing. "Goodbye!"

Sky presenter Niall Paterson's face at the end of the clip says it all.

Bravo, Jeremy. Bravo. There is clearly nothing to worry about. Nothing at all.