Israel drops 1,000 bombs into Gaza overnight as violence escalates 6 months ago

Israel drops 1,000 bombs into Gaza overnight as violence escalates

The conflict between Israel and Palestine continues to increase in severity

Israel continues to ramp up its attacks on Palestine as more than 1,000 bombs were dropped on the Gaza strip last night - the second overnight offensive in a conflict that has already led to more than 70 deaths and hundreds of casualties.


While Israel's 'Iron Dome' defence system has stopped 90 per cent of the rockets fired by Hamas this week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to order more barrages of Palestinian territory.

Building in Gaza is hit by Israeli airstrike

Netanyahu stated that he will not stop until there is 'complete quiet', adding: "I said we would extract a very heavy price from Hamas. We are doing that, and we will continue to do that with heavy force".

This latest attack was the heaviest bombardment yet coming, with aircraft, artillery and military ships having dropped more than 1,000 bombs, shells and other projectiles. It is now feared that direct contact could soon start as thousands of Israeli troops have gathered near the border.

A ground invasion is looking increasingly likely as the IDF also said it has carried out a "complex" operation to destroy several Hamas tunnels, which are a valuable asset and guerilla tactic used by the militant group.

While Hamas fired around 220 rockets of their own, short-range missiles are easily intercepted by the Iron Dome defence system and are also relying on assistance from the likes of Lebanon, who are said to have launched at least three rockets to no effect (landing in the sea before they reached their intended Israeli targets). Al-Jadeed news denies Hezbollah involvement.

Gaza buildings turned to rubble after Israeli bombs

This is the worst conflict the region of Gaza has seen in years and while the number of total casualties remains uncertain, there looks to be little sign of de-escalation in sight.