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27th Oct 2023

‘I refuse to date ugly women even if I’m single forever’

Joseph Loftus

‘I’m not saying I’m Brad Pitt but I know I can pull reasonable women’

A man has claimed that he’ll never date “ugly women” even if it means he’ll stay single forever.

Kevin, from Fife, Scotland, says that he’s got very high standards when it comes to women and “won’t settle for second best”, saying that there are a lot of men like him out there.

Kevin says he’s looking for a woman with long hair who is “attractive and busty”.

He explained to The Sun: “I’m not saying I’m Brad Pitt but I know I can pull reasonable women.

“It does make it harder to find someone if you’re only going for the high end appearance.”

Kevin, who posts on TikTok, has been single on-and-off for the past three years, but admits he finds it difficult to find his ideal woman as he doesn’t drink alcohol and doesn’t like dating apps.

Kevin says that while he gets a lot of matches on dating apps, he doesn’t get many replies, and the ones that do reply aren’t good looking enough for him.

That being said, he still isn’t looking to lower his standards.

Kevin, who goes by @boerboelblade2 on TikTok, has more than 25,000 followers and has racked up almost 300,000 likes.

In one of his videos, Kevin explains his “icks” saying that he doesn’t like women that are “too vocal” in the bedroom and those who “only reply” to his messages.

He added that many women’s appearances aren’t up to par with his own beauty standards, prompting many in the comments to says: “And that’s why you’re single”.