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07th Sep 2022

Huw Edwards praised for sewer commentary ahead of Liz Truss PM speech

Charlie Herbert

Huw Edwards praised for sewer commentary ahead of Liz Truss PM speech

Viewers loved Huw Edwards’ audio guide to London

Huw Edwards has been praised for his commentary of Liz Truss’ car journey through London to Downing Street, providing viewers with an in-depth knowledge of the capital.

On Tuesday, Liz Truss officially became the new Prime Minister, and made her way through London to her new home at Number 10 where she was due to make her first speech as the nation’s leader.

And Edwards delivered a “masterclass in padding” as he provided commentary of her journey.

Speaking over helicopter images of the Prime Minister travelling to Number 10, the BBC News presenter began discussing a “big new sewer” along the Thames.

He said: “There you can see the rather grey muddy banks of the Thames.

“Some of the engineering work that’s taking place around the Thames, lots of it to do with this big new sewer…

“The giant kind of sewerage project that’s been put through near the Thames at enormous cost to update the Victorian system put in by (Joseph) Bazalgette more than 100 years ago, which has done amazing work but now needs to be boosted a bit in terms of the capacity in the capital.”

Author and journalist Caitlin Moran tweeted that the BBC News host had “just padded for three minutes about the Victorian sewage system.”

As Truss made her way through more of London, Edwards continued to impress viewers with his knowledge of the city and its famous landmarks.

“Passing under the railway bridge there, that’s the railway bridge that leads up to Victoria Station, just to get our bearings,’ he continued.

“And then this road along the embankment going up towards Vauxhall Bridge, across the river from the headquarters of MI6 and then past the headquarters of MI5, and then up towards the old Lambeth Bridge, so passing quite a few of the old historic and famous bridges across the River Thames.

“Lots of greenery on the banks of the Thames, the river looking rather grey and uninviting today I have to say.”

He went on to praise the Archbishop of Canterbury’s garden at Lambeth Palace, which he labelled “one of the most magnificent” gardens in the capital.

“Can I just see Lambeth Palace there?” he asked. “Yes indeed… the red brick just in the background there, the ancient palace of Lambeth – the home of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

“And then past the high walls and the magnificent garden. There you are, have a look at it just in the background there… it’s one of the most magnificent (gardens) in London, really is.”

One viewer wrote: “For the last hour, @BBCNews has had a helicopter filming a car driving back from the airport. Huw Edwards is narrating the journey, guessing routes they may take to Downing Street.

“It’s thrilling stuff – and money well spent! Don’t ever think the BBC wastes that licence fee!”

Another described Edwards’ sewage commentary as the “best moment of the day.”

And a third described his commentary of the new PM’s journey as “genuinely fascinating.”

It wasn’t the only part of the newsreader’s shift that people loved, with others enjoying his reaction to the weather and his honesty about ‘nipping out for 20 minutes.’

But, all good things must come to an end, and eventually Truss arrived at Number 10 to deliver her maiden speech as Prime Minister.

As part of the speech, she said she was “honoured” to take on the role at a “vital time for our country.”

“What makes the United Kingdom great is our fundamental belief in freedom, in enterprise and in fair play,” she said.

“Our people have shown grit, courage and determination, time and time again.”

She finished by stressing that she is “confident” British people  “can ride out the storm.”

“We can rebuild our economy and we can become the modern brilliant Britain that I know we can be,” she added.

“This is our vital mission to ensure opportunity and prosperity for all people and future generations. I am determined to deliver.”

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