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08th Jan 2017

Hillary Clinton could be diving straight back into politics

That was quick.

Carl Kinsella

Some people just don’t know when to quit…

Hillary Clinton has dedicated her life to public service and has achieved many impressive feats in her time as First Lady, Senator for New York and Secretary of State.

However, other elements of her career have been an unmitigated disaster. For example, she lost badly in the 2008 primaries to a less well-known first-term senator by the name of Barack Obama. She was run close in the 2016 primaries by a nest-haired socialist named Bernie Sanders.

Finally, she was pipped to the Presidency by a Donald Trump, a man who routinely slandered minorities, women, the press, his fellow Republicans and the disabled over the course of his campaign.

Seemingly, none of this is sufficient to convince Clinton supporters that she simply isn’t that good at running a campaign. Rumours abound that Clinton is considering jumping straight back into another race and challenging incumbent Bill de Blasio for the mayorhood of New York City, at the urging of her fellow Democrats.

De Blasio’s term is up at the end of 2017, and so far no Democrat has emerged to challenge him for his office.

Others believe that there’s no chance Hillary would take up the mantle, with one source telling the New York Daily News:

“It’d be sweet justice considering the way that de Blasio treated her (in the primary) but it’s a political delusion.”

However, a deputy to former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks differently, saying “She won New York City in a landslide last November, and she’d win in a landslide again. She’s wildly popular here, had a great tenure as senator from New York, and mayor is one of the few jobs worthy of her talents.”