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31st May 2024

Heartbreaking update given about person who died in plane engine at Schiphol Airport

Ryan Price

The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon at the busy international airport.

New details have emerged about the man who died after getting caught in a plane engine at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam earlier this week.

According to an investigation carried out by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee – the military police in charge of the airport – the person who died was an employee of a company operating at the airport, and climbed into the plane’s engine deliberately.

A statement issued by the organisation reads: “The deceased man has been identified as an employee of a company operating at the airport.

“The investigation has revealed that he intentionally climbed into the engine, indicating this is a case of suicide. Out of respect for the victim and their loved ones, no further statements will be made.”

The aircraft had just completed the pushback procedure and was about to taxi to the runway when the individual was discovered.

LBC initially reported that the tragic incident took place on KLM flight 1341 which was on its way from Amsterdam to Denmark.

An employee for the airline said that the crew onboard the plane had just finished giving their safety instructions when the accident took place with passengers describing hearing a ‘hellish noise’.

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