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04th Jul 2023

Gary Neville unveils mural of himself in Liverpool

Callum Boyle

Gary Neville

Carragher was fuming

Gary Neville left proud Liverpudlians Jamie Carragher and Tony Bellew fuming after he unveiled a mural of himself in their home city.

Neville, who spent his career at big rivals Manchester United, has been well known to wind up his neighbours with his recollection of Premier League and Champions League wins.

As part of their latest edition of The Overlap, Neville took his good friends Carragher and Bellew to their local area of Bootle where had a special surprise for the two.

Right next to a mural of former Liverpool star Carragher, Neville revealed that he had one painted right next to it which read: “From Bury to Bootle”.

He said: “Well people of Bootle. You’ve welcomed me here today like you wouldn’t believe and in honour of my visit look what we have…”

Bellew could then be heard saying: “What’s going on?” before jokingly adding: “Now we will see something get defaced.”

“I thought you might want to see some Premier League’s as well,” Neville jabbed back.

Carragher, seemingly distraught said: “I couldn’t believe it, I waited years to get something like that.

“And the work I’ve had to do in this city, and in this community to get something, and he just gets it like that.”

His Sky Sports counterpart then replied: “Haunting. Carragher since 1992, p***ing scousers off all my life,” before Bellew said: “It’s an absolute disgrace that you’ve put a Manc in the middle of Marsh Lane, Bootle.”

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