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07th Aug 2019

Former editor of The Sun: Rupert Murdoch created Brexit and Boris Johnson

David Yelland describes himself as a 'recovering' tabloid editor

Oli Dugmore

David Yelland describes himself as a ‘recovering’ tabloid editor

“We’d written something terrible about him, we’d made a mistake.” David Yelland is delivering an anecdote about lunch with former prime minister Ted Heath. They broke bread instead of going to court.

Yelland looks back at his five-years editing The Sun through sober eyes – 14-years since his last drink. Part of his recovery requires admittance of wrongdoing and efforts to make amends.

Given his previous work, it’s keeping him busy.

During an exclusive interview on Unfiltered with Dion Fanning, he revisited his working relationship with Rupert Murdoch. Yelland says he’s responsible for a “loss of truth” in our politics, as well as creating Donald Trump, Brexit and Boris Johnson.