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09th Apr 2024

Flight forced to divert after dog poos in aisle


“The smell never quite went away.”

An aircraft was forced to divert after a dog pooed in the middle of the aisle.

The United Airlines flight, which set off from Houston and was due to land in Seattle, was forced to stop at Dallas due to the incident.

One passenger recollected the tale of the day on Reddit.

“Dog had messy accident in the aisle right in first class. Plane diverted to DFW. Ground crew spent over 2 hours cleaning carpets with paper towels,” they wrote.

“Smell made me ill. Gate agents kept yelling at passengers and the cabin crew. The smell never quite went away.

“First class toilet declared unusable as the dog mess was apparently unresolved in there. Food went bad while on the ground so very few snacks left,” they added.

One person who responded to the post claimed to have been on the same flight, and said they saw a woman and a service dog disembark once the flight had landed.

It’s not the first time a dog has given passengers an unpleasant time on a flight.

Redditors took the opportunity to share their own stories of dogs on planes.

“I was on a flight once where there was a service dog,” one person wrote. “Flight was turbulent.

“The moment that flight landed and got to the gate, and that exit door opened, that dog beat everyone off the plane and s**t all over the jetway. We were delayed by 15 minutes getting off the plane as they had to clean it up.”

Another person shared: “Just a couple months ago I was flying to Tokyo from DC and the guy diagonally behind me had a big German Shepherd on a leash.”

They continued: “It really wasn’t a pleasant experience. It was vomiting a lot and the smell was terrible and when the guy fell asleep the dog started walking around in the dark down the aisles until a FA brought it back.”

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Social image credit: gig_wizard/Reddit