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24th Aug 2022

Facebook users reports seeing ‘random’ post to celebs on their feed

Simon Bland

Facebook users are worried the site is hacked after noticing a major glitch

Facebook users around the world have taken to social media sites to complain of a new glitch impacting the Meta media giant that appears to clog people’s home feeds with unwanted posts.

The posts in question are predominately of people posting to the Facebook pages of various celebrities and have affected those who have been trying to browse the app as usual.

According to Sky News, a website that tracks glitches and issues, DownDetector, has been receiving complaints and reports since around 6am this morning.

According to most reports, it is believed that if a person has posted a message onto a celebrity’s Facebook page, then everyone who follows that celebrity is then being served that message on their main feeds.

Meanwhile, social media users have been racing to Twitter – one of Facebook’s biggest competitors – to vent their frustrations and, of course, share some delicious Meta-mocking memes.

At the time of writing, Facebook is yet to issue an official statement addressing the issue, its cause or when it’ll be fixed.

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