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19th Dec 2022

Elon Musk to quit as Twitter boss if he abides by results of his own poll

Steve Hopkins

The results are in – now what will Elon do?

Elon Musk will step down as Twitter boss if he stands by a poll in which he asked users if he should stay or go.

The ‘Chief Twit’ set his poll in motion just after 11pm UK time, writing: “Should I step down as head of Twitter? “I will abide by the results of this poll.”

As the deadline passed at 11.20am, 57.5 per cent voted for the Telsa and SpaceX billionaire, to bounce.

Musk bought the platform for $44 billion in late October and hasn’t stopped making headlines since.

In an effort to, perhaps turn the tide, on negative publicity, he asked Twitter users on Sunday if he should step down.

Roughly 20 minutes later, with ‘yes’ votes edging ahead, he added: “As the saying goes, be careful what you wish, as you might get it.”

He responded to a number of comments from users, telling one: “The question is not finding a CEO, the question is finding a CEO who can keep Twitter alive.”

He added: “No one wants the job who can actually keep Twitter alive. There is no successor.”

Earlier on Sunday, Musk declared war on Twitter’s social media rivals by banning the promotion of their accounts from his platform meaning users could have their accounts suspended, locked or deleted if they post links to their profiles on other social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram.

When he took charge, Musk promised to improve Twitter, ridding it of fake accounts and improving free speech, welcoming back the likes of Kanye West – who he had to ban again – and Donald Trump

Musk has caught flack in recent days and weeks over his handling of the app, including his recent suspension of notable journalists who have covered him. He’s also fired thousands of staff and announced charges for some services.

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